Bausch & Lomb Orbscan IIz Topographer

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Sale Used Bausch & Lomb Orbscan IIz Topographer

Manufacture year: 2007

Come with 6 month warranty.


- Dual Core Processor

- Win XP Pro

- 80GB+ Hard Drive

- USB Peripherals

- New keyboard

- mouse 

- printer


-Orbscan IIz acquires over 9000 data points in 1.5 seconds 

-Orbscan IIz analyzes elevation and curvature measurements on both anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea 

-Orbscan IIz is capable of detecting and analyzing posterior corneal abnormalities where corneal anomalies first appear 

-Orbscan IIz features dynamic, Windows-based platform designed to integrate continuing advances via upgradable software 

-Customizable quad maps show any combination of measurements in one convenient format 

-Slit scanning technology combined with an advanced Placido disc system 

-Anterior corneal elevation and curvature 

-Posterior corneal elevation and curvature 

-Full corneal pachymetry 

-Simulated keratometry 

-White-to-white diameter 

-Pupil size 

-Anterior chamber depth 

-Angle kappa 

-Irregularity index.