GE AMX 4 Plus Portable X-ray Machine

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Excellent condition GE AMX 4 Plus Portable X-ray Machine

Manufacture year: 2007

Come with 6 month warranty.


Range: At least 52.5” (1,334 mm)

Lowest position: 26.1” (663 mm) maximum from floor

Highest position: 78.6” (1,996 mm) minimum from floor

Horizontal movement measured at focal spot relative to column face: 24” (610 mm) minimum to 40” (1,016 mm) maximum

Tube column rotation measured from horizontal latch: 360º

Tube and yoke rotation around horizontal arm measured from tube port down position: Range (360º), detent locations (0, ±90º, ±180º)

Tube trunion rotation measured from tube port down position: Range (120º), forward (110º), backward (10º), detent (0º, 90º)

Collimator rotation measured from the front of the collimator with the tube port facing down: Range (180º), right (90º), left (90º), detent (0º, 90º)

Drive Speeds :

Speed 1: Drive speed with horizontal arm secured for support — 264’ (6,705 mm) per minute ±25%

Speed 2: Maneuvering speed with horizontal tube arm removed from the transport latch — (30% to 60% of drive speed)

Drive speed is measured on a smooth, hard and level surface. Speed will be reduced by inclines, carpeted or soft surfaces.

Reproducibility :

Coefficient of variation of radiation output is less than 0.045 for successive exposures having constant technique factors.

Collimator :

Minimum source to skin distance is limited to more than 30 cm by the skin spacers at the beam exit of the collimator. Full 17” x 17” (43 cm x 43 cm) radiographic coverage at 40” (1.02 mm) source to image distance. Minimum inherent filtration of 2.0 mm aluminum equivalent at 100 kVp.

Light Filed Intensity :

The average illumination at a distance of 100 cm (39.37”) from the focal spot shall be 16 foot candles (170 lux) or more.

Battery :

Nine 12.9 volt batteries connected in series provide approximately 116 volt at full charge. Battery capacity is approximately 20,000 mAs at 100 kVp when fully charged and under specific conditions. Actual mAs capacity depends on the condition of the batteries, use of collimator lamp, electric brakes, rotor, and distance driven.

Movements (tube vertical movement measured at the focal spot)